Business Coaching

Trainex Systems Program

Every business needs to start with an effective plan for development. Trainex Systems offers a comprehensive program to assist new businesses create positive sales and profit plans in the very important early days of a business.

The methods of Trainex Systems focus on having the right attitude every day and making effective use of all resources available including your time and money.

Whether you are a business starting out or an SME wanting to expand further we can offer a tailor-made program to suit your needs. We will help you set goals, stay motivated and achieve business growth. This is all done through our innovative business coaching and mentoring programs. Team building and team motivation are also some of our specialities.

The program includes:

  • Creating a sales and profit plan
  • Setting Goals and Action plan
  • Creating a Customer Service Policy
  • Checking over pricing and margins
  • Looking at distribution networks
  • Expanding possibilities for sales.
  • Reviewing actions and solving issues that arise in the first month
  • Sales training in getting hard sales, closing the sale, follow up, getting more out of existing clients
  • Training of staff in sales and aligning them with your goals

The program is spread over three days to give you the opportunity to get out and work with the plan and ask questions as you go. You also have the option of adding the mentor program which gives you monthly support in the development of your business.

Contact Trainex Systems to discuss your personal requirements with no obligations.

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