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Trainex Systems is one of Australia's leading and most effective sales training, business coaching and mentoring firms.

Trainex works closely with your organisations to achieve your business goals and increase your profits. These goals can be achieved via consultancy, training, workshops, mentoring or a combination of these, designed around your budget.

We have been established for more than 20 years and our client list includes large organisation such as Fosters, Gaia Skin Naturals and most Councils, to smaller organisations such as Fat Mumma's and many other private companies.


Business Training

Using the renowned Trainex System of planning and development we work together....

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Business Coaching

Every business needs to start with an effective plan for development. Trainex Systems offers...

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Trainex Systems have created a new method for achieving business success called SpeedWorkshops...

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Motivation as we know it is not about a great book a great speech or a pep up

Motivation is Crap



True and lasting motivation is about developing tools that become habits within a month and create a great attitude every day regardless of what happens around you

Based on this we have developed a series of short videos giving you the top tips to assist you to develop new and greater attitudinal habits.



Customer Testimonials

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Lane Burdett Editor Business Resources

GOLD, BLOODY GOLD!". I wanted to tick all seven boxes, they only allow for three! Alan has the indepth knowledge of his subject and the skills to go with it but there is no old or out dated thinking. I got nothing but brilliant advice and ideas! Hire the man. I did and will again.

Karen Davies Direct Vet Services

Ever so grateful for your invaluable advice. I never fail to learn from and be inspired by your words.